A Decade old and still Hoarding Music


I want to introduce you to a friend of mine.


This is my Fifth Generation ipod, purchased in 2006 and still going strong.

30GB of storage on purchase.

2633 songs currently stored.

Eclectic is too mild a word to describe the variety of music on this little machine. From Indie Rock Bands to Solo pop, rock and country singers, moving onto dance tracks mixed with metal albums.

Hitting the Shuffle button is both a risk and a game.

The songs on this ten year old ipod remind me of certain moments, certain events and certain people. The Snow Patrol album that reminds me of the long coach journey from the UK to Amsterdam. The Arctic Monkey’s collection that helped me move into my Student Halls. Whitney Houston reminding me of my mum’s love of The Bodyguard and Kevin Costner, with ‘Time of my Life’ bringing back frames from Dirty Dancing.

On a blind date once a particularly angry guy told me that it wasn’t possible to like so many genres of music. That I must be lying about liking both Adele and Jake Bugg. That I was pretending to enjoy the music of both Ed Sheeran and Florence and the Machine. He implied I was using my knowledge of singers and bands to ‘fit in with people’ and to ‘get people to like me’.

He was wrong. I love music. I love lyrics.

If I hear a band or singer that I like, I don’t care under what category they are listed in on iTunes, or in which section they are stored within the HMVs of this world.

One day my old ipod will die, he has come close a few times.
But I hope to fill him up first, before his inevitable demise.

Only 12.9GB to go!


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