Shadows, the backdrop for Film and Life

Horror is a genre that I enjoy.

Admittedly, I never ‘jump’ or ‘squeak’, but nevertheless I love the movies.

Shadows are a huge part of any and all horror films.

No matter what subcategory the movie fits into, a shadow of any shape and any size seems the typical way to build some form of tension.

Movies associated with ghosts, demons and generally the supernatural, almost always have a shadow looming in the background. Usually a undiscernible shape, visible only as a large dark mass. Ominous and sinister, often placed behind the oblivious characters. Scaring audiences with inevitability.

In Slasher Movies the shadow is often used to highlight the physical killer’s movement into the scene.

Shadows, non-representative of a person or thing, are also used to hide specific areas. Covered in darkness, covered with shadow, characters are not able to see threat or safety.


Shadows are a technique that can be used to incite strong emotion throughout film-viewers, whether building suspense, fear, shock, nervousness or anticipation.

When I first saw the Word-Prompt today I felt myself immediately slide into a depression as I thought of the smothering shadows that loom over my life. Perhaps, in a deeper metaphorical sense, the lingering shadows in horror films are representative of the shadows upon our life.

Always behind or to the side of us, hiding and yet inevitable, Shadows are always truly there.



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