Unplanned Chaos Vs. Structured Chaos

This morning, looking at the day’s Word Prompt, I felt nothing.

Then this evening happened.

I do voluntary work, especially with kid’s groups. Tonight in particular I partake in an hour long meeting with girls aged between five and seven.

I’ve had a lot on my plate recently, and so, although I normally organise, plan and prepare everything for the meetings, I asked the woman that I run it with to take over for one week.

She said yes.

But, did she?


I turned up and asked her what the plan was for tonight – she handed me two sheets of A4, information printed from an advice website about ‘parachute games’.


Explaining anything too complex to a large group of excited five year olds is often difficult, but add to that the soft voice of my friend, it is made impossible.

Instead, I had to take over, explaining games I didn’t know.

Of course these sets of games were completely attainable and wonderful in her head. Just not in reality.

It was chaos.

Parachute Game Chaos.
But that only lasted about half an hour.
Then more Unplanned Chaos began.

I asked my friend what the next activity was, and discovered that there wasn’t one, that she hadn’t planned anything more than those two sheets of paper.


I plan, I prepare and I always have a fall-back. A Just-in-Case. The girls are always excitable and loud. It would be a strange night if it was filled with silence. But if that’s planned and prepared for it isn’t real chaos. It’s Structured Chaos.

Unplanned Chaos or Structured Chaos?
No question.


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