Bookworm – Commercialised Liking


Current book from the Book Club – Strong Poison by Dorothy L. Sayers

The Tenth Word – LIKE

I thought, when I Google Image searched the word ‘like’, I was going to reveal lots of pictures of smiling, happiness and love.

I didn’t.


Instead I found a collection of Facebook Like Logos.

It was looking at all those blue thumbs that I realised something.

Suddenly the word ‘like’ has been stereotypically commercialised.

Suddenly it’s thoroughly judgemental.

Now if we ‘like’ something it’s computerised.

It just means ‘like because everyone else has’, ‘like because it made my face twitch a little bit for some reason’ or simply ‘like because I probably should’.

To ‘like’ doesn’t really mean anything anymore.

We aren’t really ‘liking’ it, are we?

We’re ‘clicking’ it.

So… Click?


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