Ceramic Canvas #3


Three coats in finally!

However I seem to have given up in my attempt not to paint over the liner. I keep thinking to myself…. Ahhhh…. it will burn off! (Which hopefully it will)

Now the shading.


Ceramic Canvas #1

As Brian the Snail is finished and done – seemingly the shortest blog project in history – I’ve decided to move on to the next.

This is a Ceramic Canvas that I intend to make as a present for my friend’s new born baby. Or at least the nursery. I’ve realised over the last couple of weeks that any gift intended for the baby isn’t really for the baby. Just as this ceramic canvas block is for my friend and the nursery wall, not for her daughter.

So, instead of something baby related to hang in the nursery, I’m focusing on two things that will probably already be present in the nursery in different forms.

Fairies and the Colour Purple.

This is the beginning. As you can see I’ve gone for the Flower Fairy theme, and after drawing it about a million times have finally drawn it on to the ceramic canvas block with the intention of using liner before painting.


This is how it looked after I’d lined the basic picture, and I hated it. The left side of the block, that was supposed to represent a tree with a small door looks horrendous. It is far to busy to the point that it no longer looks like a door, and instead seems like a big mass of lines in the middle of the tree. Rubbish. I’m also not keen on the white outlines that I put around the small fairy. I can cope with them, as it might look different with some paint on it. However, the door I cannot stand to look at.

So I changed it.

I know that because of the thickness and purpose of the liner, the patch which once represented a door may well arise again. However, I’d rather have tried, instead of leaving it as a disaster. I spoke to the ladies I paint with each week to see the benefits of picking and washing the liner off, and although the guarantee of it remaining washed off isn’t exactly one hundred percent, the fact that it is a tree and will be painted an array of browns, including a dark brown, works in it’s favour.

Fingers Crossed.

Brian’s Home #5

Brian finally came out of the kiln in one piece… well two pieces.


Although he doesn’t have the block coloured cartoon Brian appearance, I think he looks like a snail you’d be happy to have sat in the garden, a snail that wouldn’t look so terrible in the rain or slightly muddy.

Brian the Garden Snail.