Brian’s Home #5

Brian finally came out of the kiln in one piece… well two pieces.


Although he doesn’t have the block coloured cartoon Brian appearance, I think he looks like a snail you’d be happy to have sat in the garden, a snail that wouldn’t look so terrible in the rain or slightly muddy.

Brian the Garden Snail.


Bringing Brian to the Garden


Brian, the snail, is now a fairly well known character throughout many generations. Remembered from Serge Danot’s The Magic Roundabout, or recently discovered through the animated children’s film of the same name, Brian the yellow and red snail, wearing his orange scarf proudly is well recognisable.

Remarkable in it’s simplicity and haunting with the theme tune that progressed in creepiness to any viewer, The Magic Roundabout, beginning it’s airing period in October 1965 is a show well known to my uncle.

My uncle who is a keen gardener.

In fact last year I added a gnome to his garden.


A nice blue gnome.


This time I want to make my gift something more personal. So, as the rest of my art group were picking out large snail ceramics to paint for their gardens, I chose mine. The lovely women I paint with weekly all intend to do some form of realistic portrayal of a snail… Me on the other hand intend to recreate Brian.


Sat on the table, yellow and pink in his body and red throughout his shell, it appears quite the contrast to the ‘normal’ snails placed around him.


I prefer unique… I prefer Brian.

I have been told it’s a good idea to have an ongoing project starring within your blog – and so for now, as I’m only three base coats into his creation, I’ve decided to follow Brian from the studio’s table, right into my Uncle’s garden.